• A stunning *4401* tasty levels of candy matching sweetness!
• No impossible levels! Challenging, but not frustrating! Playable by all ages!
• Don’t wait for lives, don’t annoy your friends to progress!
• So addicting you can’t put it down! Boredom eradicated!

Discover the many bright and fun levels in this enjoyable game. Chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and colorful candies in abundance! Sweet? You bet ya!

“You never lose lives and it is tons of fun and a plus is it don’t have timing bombs. I love it!” – 5 stars by Nene55xx
“I do NOT follow the crowd. Refused to play candy crush. This game However…LOVE it! I can’t stop playing.” – 5 stars by Brownsugar89
“Definitely less frustrating than candy crush with their wait times. The game isn’t too difficult but it’s fun enough to make you keep playing.” – 5 stars by Jimbob4789