About Tasty Food Memory

Good enough to eat? Tasty enough to remember? Memorize the locations of the paired food items and then match them in as few clicks and possible. But watch out, they will start to move around when you make too many mistakes!
Try to beat all 25 levels in each of the 4 difficulty modes, going from 8 pairs to 24 pairs.


If you want to host the full version of Tasty Food Memory on your website, you can buy a non-exclusive site-locked license. Why buy a license?

We are very flexible in our licensing options, we can do anything from simple API integration to full branding with removal of all outgoing links.
For a list of fixed price options, please see our game on FlashGameLicense.
If you're interested in licensing Tasty Food Memory, please contact us through this contact form, or send an e-mail to info@smileygamer.com!
Or you can also buy the game directly through FlashGameLicense.

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