About Smiley Jump Fest

Smiley Jump Fest is an strategic and challenging clicking frenzy! Click all the smilies of the same color before they jump off the screen.
A group of smilies will jump off, and be scored, when you click on a smiley of a different color, or after the time limit (usually about 5 seconds). You'll need speed and accuracy, but also a good strategy to get a topscore!
Try to obtain all 8 achievements for each of the 4 difficulty modes.


If you want to host the full version of Smiley Jump Fest on your website, you can buy a non-exclusive site-locked license. Why buy a license?

We are very flexible in our licensing options, we can do anything from simple API integration to full branding with removal of all outgoing links.
For a list of fixed price options, please see our game on FlashGameLicense.
If you're interested in licensing Smiley Jump Fest, please contact us through this contact form, or send an e-mail to info@smileygamer.com!
Or you can also buy the game directly through FlashGameLicense.

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