• The ultimate matching game: 1000 challenging levels!
• So addicting you can’t put it down! Boredom eradicated!
• Endless fun, no lives to lose, no friends to annoy, no waiting!
• Level too hard? Just skip it and play on! You do need those stars though… 🙂

Bored? Then get ready for your new addiction! This simple yet stylish swap & match game will become your new de facto time killer. With different level goals, obstacles, bombs and boosters, Three Disks delivers a rich gaming experience without becoming too complicated. Fun for everyone!

You will enjoy this colored disks matching game for many many months. It’s so addicting you can’t put it down! We mean it when we say: Boredom Eradicated!

Three Disks shines where other match 3 puzzle games fail. This game will let you focus on endless fun. Don’t wait for lives, don’t bother your friends with requests, don’t get stuck forever on ultra hard levels!
Three Disks lets you play when you want, for how long you want, and of course, where you want!